Lunch & More Menu

    • Catered Lunch & More

    • Open-faced Up In Smoke


      Toasted mini ciabattas topped with dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion and capers.

    • Cupcake Bites


      Various flavors.

    • Chocolate Bark

      $12.99 lb.

      Dark chocolate, cherries, and nuts with a spicy kick.

    • Brownie Bites


      Chocolate brownie chunks served with monster cookie dough dip.

    • Spiced Sweet & Savory Snack Mix

      $9.99 lb.

      Blend of pretzles, nuts, cherries, chocolate chips and oyster crackers with seasoning.

    • Fresh Fruit Skewers


      Skewered seasonal fresh fruit served with cream cheese Biscoff® dip.

    • Tortellini Skewers

      Tortellini Skewers


      Skewerd cheese tortellini, fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes drizzled in basil oil.

      Add Italian sausage: $2.99 each

    • Baked Brie

      Baked Brie


      French brie topped with choice of fruit jam and walnuts, then baked in puff pastry. Comes with an Italian baguette for dipping (serves 10 people).

    • Bread Bowl with Dip

      Sourdough bread bowl filled with your choice of the following dip (with bread chunks for dipping, each serves 10 people).

      Beer cheese dip $14.99 ea.
      Buffalo chicken dip $16.99 ea.
      Reuben dip $16.99 ea.
      Spinach artichoke dip $14.99 ea.
      Spinach dip (cold) $12.99 ea.

    • Hawaiian Spam® Sliders


      Yes – you read that correctly. SPAM! (Don’t judge… These little sammies are really spectacular!)
      Crispy Spam®, pineapple, sweet and spicy aioli and melted Swiss cheese on soft King’s Hawaiian® sweet rolls.

    • Bacon-wrapped Dates


      Plump Medjool Dates stuffed with creamy goat chèvre, then wrapped in bacon and baked to a delicious crisp. (These hors d’oeuvres are always a hit. Customers often say they wish they had ordered more!)

    • Caramelized Shallot Tarts


      Carmelized shallots with bleu cheese and a balsamic reduction baked in a delicate puff pastry tart.

    • Open-faced Roast Beef Crostini


      Toasted baguette rounds topped with garlic-horseradish aioli, thinly sliced Troyer Meats roast beef and a cherry tomato.

    • Boxed Lunch

      Boxed Lunch


      Choice of Signature Sandwich served with a deli side salad, Rickle’s® pickle spear, kale chips or potato chips, and a cookie.

    • Open-faced Half Baked

      Open-faced Half Baked


      Toasted mini ciabattas topped with tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil oil, salt & pepper and a balsamic reduction.

    • Bread and Oil Tray

      Bread and Oil Tray


      A variety of sliced, homemade breads and a bowl of olive oil and flavorful herbs for dipping.

    • Sandwich Toppings Tray


      Tray of lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle chips.

    • Mini Dessert Tray


      Assortment of small homemade cookies or brownies.

    • Dessert Tray


      Assortment of cookies, brownies and mini-scones.

    • Hummus Tray

      Hummus Tray


      Includes choice of plain, black bean, lemon, roasted red pepper or pesto hummus served with wheat or white pita bread or Kangaroo® multi-grain pita chips, sliced cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese.

    • Cheese and Cracker Tray

      Cheese and Cracker Tray


      Three ounce portion per person of our domestic cheeses, crackers and spicy mustard.

      *Imported cheese pricing based on available selection

    • Meat, Cheese & Cracker Tray


      Four ounce portion per person of our deli meats or smoked sausages and domestic cheeses. Served with crackers and spicy mustard.

      *Imported cheese pricing based on available selection

    • Meat & Cheese Tray

      Meat & Cheese Tray


      Four-ounce portions of Troyer Meats meats and one-ounce of deli cheese per person; includes choice of bread, mayonnaise and mustard.

    • Stuffed Baguette Platter


      Choice of roasted vegetable, French brie and jam, Reuben or Italian meat & cheese stuffed baguettes.

    • Sandwich Platter

      Sandwich Platter


      Any combination of Signature Sandwiches or Create Your Own; served with choice of kale chips or potato chips and Rickle’s® pickle spears.