A variety of cheeses from around the world and closer to home

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Sartori Reserve

bellavitano-sartori-reserveBeginning with the original BellaVitano®, the Sartori Reserve® portfolio has grown to include a mesmerizing array of supremely tempting flavors. Each distinctive variety is an award winner unto itself, enhanced by the magic ingredient know as imagination.

Other cheeses to consider …

Thomas Hoe Stevenson Aged Stilton

thomas_hoeProduced by Clawson Dairy, the largest independent producer of Stilton in England, Thomas Hoe Stevenson is their premier Stilton. Named after a cheesemaker from the late 1800s, this wheel of Stilton is aged for 15 weeks. Made of pasteurized cows’ milk using vegetarian rennet, Thomas Hoe Stevenson is clean, minerally and earthy, with a bit more of a salty tang than the Colston Bassett variety. It is a creamy coloured semi-hard cheese with greenish blue veining radiating from its centre and has a coat which is crusty, slightly wrinkled with a greyish brown hue. Robust, sharp, and tangy this blue cheese is aged longer than your traditional blues. Imported from England this cow’s milk cheese pairs well with dessert wines or ports and is a great addition to any cheese plate.

Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P.

parmigiano_reggianoMade in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy with raw cows milk and aged for 18 months.  This is the one of the key cheeses on any cheese board.  Nutty, toothsome, with yoghurt notes and hay aroma; sweet and delicate.  Compact, crystaline, salty texture that melts in the mouth.  Perfect alone, with pears, walnuts, or Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena; flakes ideal for appetizers, pasta, entrees.

Balsamic glazed pears, wine chianti jelly, or spicy fig compote are excellent toppers.

Fontina Val D’Aosta

fontinaThe best Italian fontina is an exceptional eating experience-exotic earthy, magical. Most fontina available in the US is a pale imitation…but this is the real thing!  Fontina Val D’Aosta is a very aromatic cheese with flavors of pristine forest floors then a lingering scent of wild mushrooms.  Great with Arborio rice in risotto and a nice chardonnay.


idiazabalThis is a slightly smoky cheese from Basque country in Spain made from raw sheep’s milk.  During production, the wheels were traditionally smoked over beechwood, hawthorn, or cherry for 10 days, imparting a slight smoky quality that would add depth to the rich, nutty flavor.  Idiazabal has a firm texture similar to Manchego,  it is great paired with rich flavors like cured ham and peppery radishes.  Add to mac and cheese for a little smoky greatness.

Pecorino Toscano D.O.P.

pecorinoA centuries old table cheese from Tuscany, Italy with a name controlled status.   This sheep’s milk cheese is sweet and nutty with a hint of salt; it’s pleasant and inviting for cheese lovers and novices alike.  We recommend pairing it with olives, Italian cured meats, and with crisp white wines or Muscato.

Taleggio D.O.P.

taleggioThis is real Taleggio from Italy!  Many cheeses are made to look like Taleggio but they’re often not aged as long, nor are they aged in caves. The cave is the key to the trademark flavor. With a pasty, dense texture it slowly melts in your mouth with a salty rush and buttery flavors. Addictive when spread on fresh crusty bread and a great companion to a wide range of reds and whites.

Manchego Valdehierro

valdehierroManchego is to Spain what Cheddar  is to England.  It is made from the milk of Manchega sheep which graze on the plains of southern central Spain called La Mancha, meaning land without water.  Manchega milk is very fatty, which results in a rich full flavored, fragrant cheese with a  subtle, salty , tang on the finish.  Manchego is delicious simply cut into wedges and eaten as is, or gratde on casseroles, soups or salads.

Piave Vecchio Oro Del Tempo

Named after the river Piave in the northernmost part of the province of Veneto Italy, the land surrounding the ancient river is integral to the character of this cheese.  Flavor wise, think of a good Parmigiano Reggiano, with a little kick of sweet mountain Gruyere. It’s excellent on polenta or in risotto.  It brings the smoothness of cheddar, the texture of Parmigiano Reggiano and the mellowness of sweet mountain butter to your table.  Pairs well with Zinfandel.

Most cheeses are sold priced per half pound, buy as much or as little as you’d like and as with any of our products ask for a taste!  We’d love your suggestions….if  there’s something you’d like us to carry let us know!  The selection of cheeses we offer is constantly changing so stop by or call.