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Celebrate Love, Local Flavors, and Lovely Lights at the Excelsior Room, The Crown of Spoon Market

Exploring the Enchanting Excelsior Room: Your Destination for Whimsical Weddings and Till-Death-Do-Us-Part Parties in Wooster, Ohio.

Hello there, lovely people and future ‘I Do’ proclaimers! Buckle up and get cozy as we whisk you away on a whimsical wedding journey that ends at the doorsteps of the “Excelsior Room”.

Set in the charming town of Wooster, Ohio, the Excelsior Room is the sparkling gem in Spoon Market’s crown— literally! It’s our enchanting loft space perfect for your happily-ever-after’s and till-death-do-us-parties.

But our Spoon Market crown jewel doesn’t just provide a stunning backdrop for you to say your vows. It doubles up as the perfect canvas for your happily-ever-after’s and those memorable till-death-do-us-parties that go down in family lore.

Step into your happily ever after, and let the Excelsior Room’s magic unfold around you. The journey begins here!

Love is in the Air, and so is the Aroma of Delicious Food

Imagine, dear friends and lovebirds, stepping into a realm where “I do” echoes through a gorgeous, rustic venue adorned with exposed brick walls, high-as-the-sky ceilings, and oh! Those tantalizing aromas swirl up from Spoon Market Catering‘s magical kitchen. It’s like Cupid himself dipped his arrow in warm, gooey fondue and sent it straight for your heart! 💘

But wait, we’re just getting started. Time to sprinkle in some foodie joy with a dazzling buffet, an epic adventure your taste buds will never forget! With our beloved Spoon Market Catering, every scrumptious bite is a toast to your love story.

Our extraordinary chefs (aka culinary wizards) weave their culinary alchemy to create dishes that dazzle your palate and warm your soul. Embracing the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, they whip up an array of delicacies that serenade your love like a grand, melodic aria.

Picture a spread that features gourmet appetizers waltzing with your taste buds, heart-warming mains that tango with your senses, and oh-so-delectable desserts that have your heart twirling with glee! It’s like a secret recipe passed down, not from generation to generation, but from the land of love itself.

So, future betrothed, prepare your senses for a stomach-tingling experience — a feast worthy of your fairytale union, courtesy of Spoon Market Catering.

Celebrate Your Way – The Excelsior Way!

As all of this explodes into a symphony of love and boundless joy, remember we have even more delights up our sleeves. Have you dreamt of a colossal wedding cake with creamy frosting that melts onto your tastebuds? Or a series of petite, delicious cupcakes each painted with artful designs? Maybe a charming doughnut tower that defies gravity? Your dream desserts are our command, for we offer a captivating variety of cakes for your extraordinary events!

The beauty of our offerings is, it creates a one-stop-shop experience for your celebration needs. And the icing on the cake? If you’re interested, all you need to do is reach out with a hearty ‘Hello’ and we’ll get the sweet talk rolling.

But, we get it. Ensuring your dream day doesn’t transform into a financial nightmare is crucial. Therefore, we provide a range of pricing plans that harmonize your wishful thinking with your budget. This guarantees the essence of your celebration remains intact, allowing you to truly soak in your big day without the shadow of wallet worries.

And while we’ve got the celebration and finance aspect covered, who’s handling the nitty-gritty? You guessed it right! Our dedicated team rolls up their sleeves and dives into the sea of wedding-day logistics. Ensuring your special day runs as smoothly as a velvety Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta dessert, we take care of everything from the appetizing first tasting to the jubilant final toast. After all, your ‘I Do’ is meant to be an enthralling celebration, not a wrinkle-inducing concern.

So, Why Wait? Your Fairy-Tale Awaits!

Ready to tie the knot surrounded by loved ones and the tantalizing aroma of artisanal cheese? Schedule a sneak-peek into the Excelsior Room and let’s start planning your journey down the aisle and into the world of married bliss. We cannot wait to add a dash of Spoon Market’s flair to your special day!

And we promise, with the Excelsior Room and Spoon Market Catering, you won’t just be planning your wedding reception; you’ll be creating a recipe for love that will leave everyone asking for seconds.